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Contact Lenses

Some of the marked cards are designed only to be seen with a special contact lenses. So, the lenses are one of the most used tools when cheating is involved in the game.

Lenses suitable for every eye

The special contact lenses are suitable for every eye and are not harmful. As these are made with the newest sandwich technology, using the most advanced laser staining system. The word sandwitch represents the 3 layers that make up the lens, as only the middle one is dyed and thus protecting your eyes from the stain material as it doesn’t touch them directly.

When you wear the special contact lenses, you will be able to see the marks on the back of the cards. With a naked eye you will not be able to see the marks. And there is more, you can wear the lenses for almost 12 hours without worries, they won’t harm your eyes.

There are a lot of types of UV contact lenses of high-perspective. There are suitable lenses for the various groups of customers. Everyone can wear the lenses, as they are designed for all eye – colour types - green, blue, dark or brown. By wearing these lenses you can see nearly the natural color of the surroundings, but there is more – the color of your eyes will not change, as well. No matter what the light is ( red, yellow, white), you can see the marks of the UV cards clearly when wearing these contacts.

Here you can find a great variety of UV lenses designed just for you – we offer only the most advanced UV lenses at an excellent quality. You will definitely find the most suitable lenses for your eyes.

The products we offer are various, the prices are reasonable, and the most important of all is that our customers are satisfied.

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Special contact lenses only for the blue-eyed people.
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The 5mm contact lenses are suitable for all eye colors.
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The 9mm contact lenses are most suitable for people with dark eyes.
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We offer you two kinds of dark contact lenses.
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IR contact lenses won’t change the color of your eyes.
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Here you can see how the marks on the back of the cards really look like.
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With these sunglasses you can read the invisible marks on the backs of the cards.